FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zero Vacancy Guarantee?

The Zero Vacancy Guarantee is a service that ensures landlords a steady income, even during periods without tenants. BeyondBB takes care of property management and guarantees monthly rent payments.

How does the Property Management service work?

It includes regular maintenance, cleaning, security, and check-in and check-out procedures, ensuring that the property is always in excellent condition and safe.

Can I choose between percentage rent or fixed rent?

Yes, we offer both options. Fixed rent with the Zero Vacancy Guarantee guarantees a constant income, while percentage rent varies according to the income generated by the property.

Who will be responsible for finding tenants?

In the Zero Vacancy Guarantee model, BeyondBB is in charge of finding and managing tenants, making all the necessary checks to ensure their reliability.

How is the security of my property ensured?

We implement security measures such as surveillance systems and detailed check-in/check-out procedures to ensure the safety of the property and guests.

What happens in case of damage to the property?

We offer several insurance coverage options to protect the property from accidental damage and liability.

Can I access my property during the contract?

Yes, we provide transparency and allow you to access your property while still respecting the needs of current tenants.

What kind of reports will I receive on my property?

You will receive detailed periodic reports that include financial performance, guest feedback, and the condition of the property.

What does the cleaning service include?

Our housekeeping service ensures that every room in the property is clean and stocked with everything you need, maintaining high standards of hygiene and comfort.

If I decide to sell the property, can BeyondBB help me?

Yes, we offer advice and support in selling, helping you at every stage, from market assessment to staging the property.