We are BeyondBB

Alessio and Admir: the dynamic duo behind BeyondBB

We are Alessio and Admir, two souls in search of our own essence, united by the desire to make our mark on the world. At BeyondBB, the real estate journey meets personal passion and transformation, creating a unique experience for both us and our clients.

Together, we have found in BeyondBB the ground to realize our dream: to build something extraordinary by transcending the limits of the ordinary. Every day at BeyondBB, this dream takes shape through our dedication to authenticity and to weaving deep and meaningful relationships, with a vision to enrich every human interaction, bringing added value beyond the tangible, in a shared journey of growth and fulfillment.

A down-to-earth but free approach

BeyondBB was born out of our common search for identity and freedom. Real estate is the field where we decided to play this first game. Like David against Goliath, we plunged into this industry with the courage of a rookie and the will of a veteran, armed with a sling full of enthusiasm and a bag of rocks made of sincerity and grit.

We have not been deterred by the big agencies with their skyscrapers of experience. We have the agility and ardor of those ready to climb mountains, almost with our bare hands. We have already faced failures and learned valuable lessons from them, which have made us stronger and more determined.

Our connection with the region

Our connection to the Canton of Ticino is deep and rooted in a unique affinity for this extraordinary land. At BeyondBB, we see Ticino not only as a geographic location but as a source of inspiration-a microcosm within Swiss exceptionalism.

Our passion for real estate is intensified by the beauty and distinctive character of this region. We are deeply committed to enhancing and preserving the uniqueness of the area, integrating our work with the cultural and natural fabric of Canton Ticino. For us, each property is not just an asset, but a living part of this land, rich in history and culture.

Alessio Bottani

My journey from being an employee to an entrepreneur led me to break the chains of a limiting routine, opening me up to a world of challenges and opportunities.

This personal transformation has been crucial in becoming who I am today. The constant quest for change and overcoming personal limitations are also the driving force behind BeyondBB.

My friendship with Admir, rooted in human and family values, has led us to overcome personal and professional barriers together, creating a unique synergy. This is the force that brings innovation and authenticity to every aspect of BeyondBB.

Admir Batlak

From Bosnia, through France, to the beautiful Lugano, here in Switzerland, my life has been a journey of discovery. As a father, I strive every day teaching and learning from the values of family and unconditional love.

Since 2009, my journey of self-improvement has led me to challenge the routine and embrace an entrepreneurial path. This path, while not the easiest, has been the most rewarding.

My friendship with Alessio, born on the soccer field, has evolved into a partnership fueled by a passion for soccer and an ambition to go beyond the conventional.

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At BeyondBB we invite anyone who shares our vision to join us on this exciting journey. We are not just a real estate company-we are a story of personal and professional transformation, a story of challenges and triumphs.

If your vision resonates with ours, we invite you to contact us. Together, we can build not only spaces, but lives full of meaning and freedom.

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