Zero Vacancy Guarantee

Zero vacancy, maximum profit

The Zero Vacancy Guarantee is the perfect solution for property owners who want a steady, secure income without the typical worries of property management. As a direct tenant, BeyondBB guarantees a fixed monthly payment, eliminating any risk of delinquency.

We are committed to keeping your property in excellent condition and subletting it through platforms such as Airbnb and Booking. This approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment with greater control: we are completely transparent and open, allowing you to know how the lease is progressing and to visit the property whenever you wish. With us, your property is in safe hands, cared for with the same attention you would give it yourself.

Why is this the best solution?

Coping with new developments can be a challenge, but we are confident that our Zero Vacancy Guarantee is the optimal solution to ensure an ongoing income and maximize the value of your property.

This approach greatly reduces financial risk and increases your financial stability. As reliable and experienced tenants, we are committed to keeping your property in pristine condition, ensuring that it is always a profitable and worry-free investment.

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Our Property Management package

The Zero Vacancy Guarantee rental solution could not work if we did not guarantee premium care of the property you own. Our Property Management service is based on the enormous value we place on our clients' trust.

To make sure we meet this commitment, we offer a comprehensive package of services:

Control for the owner

We ensure maximum transparency for owners; if they wish, they can view the property at any time, consistent with existing reservations. We are committed to providing regular updates on the status of the property and any interventions made.

Top maintenance

We will take care of keeping the property in the best condition, intervening promptly in case of breakdowns or problems, and ensuring that the property always remains at its maximum potential.

Professional cleaning

All rooms in your property will be constantly cleaned and stocked with everything necessary to ensure a welcoming and impeccable environment for guests. Extraordinary cleaning activities are also scheduled at every check-out.

Tenant checks

Reservations take place online and all information is regularly tracked. To ensure peace of mind, we use only the best platforms and tenant reliability is verified in advance by services such as Airbnb and Booking.


Check-in and check-out activities will be conducted in a manner that ensures the safety of guests and the integrity of the property. We implement, where possible, self check-in solutions eliminating the risk of lost keys and allowing us remote door control.


We offer different types of insurance coverage, from liability protection to customized policies such as home furnishings for the specific apartment. Ensuring complete peace of mind for both you and your guests.